Hi, I'm a Fashion-LifeStyle Blogger/Promoter based in Toronto, Canada. My entries include that of Food, Beauty, Fashion, Film, Art and all things Fun! You can call it a life blog or a blog about me, but with more than just me in it. I try to add a personal touch to it while not getting too too personal as if it was just about me, it'd be all pretty boring.

Please feel free to send me any info about new products, launches, press releases and contact me regarding any business oppurtunities!

I've been doing a whole lot of beauty, skincare & makeup entries lately of products that I've purchase from drugstores and department stores. I'm currently looking for oppurtunites for more things to try out and write about. I'm looking forward to posting some shopping hauls and personal favourites as well.

I was just your average kind of gal until I accdientally stumbled upon the world of fashion and my life has change for the better ever since. Hope you will like this Too Hot For You Toronto Blog! It is real and very raw. I try not to hold myself back too much and not to over edit or restrain what I say. I just try to be myself rather than imposing an image of how I want to be seen or be superficial about it. I am human and I want to show my thoughts rather than being like a robot.

I have always had a passion of styling clothes by mixing and matching. Since my childhood I've had a good sense of fashion. But over the years I've learned more about film than fashion so I'm hoping one day that I can combine both passions together. I love watching documentaries so I envision doing something that has to do with fashion documentaries and also more artistic fashion short films. I think short films is more my thing than long films. Why say it in an hour when you can do it in 15 minutes?

I like to use the Thesaurus b/c I am very expressive and I have to find the best words to express myself although I have learned to go easier on myself over the years.



Gaetano Perrone is one of the creative minds behind the designer brand Alexander McQueen.

Gaetano Perrone’s own brand has launched two shoe collections so far. The shoes are unusual and luxurious.Designs are feminine and elegant, very classy and original at the same time. Materials used are matte and shining leather, suede and snakeskin. Details that make the range even more unique are tiny sequins, removable fabric and leather flowers as well as heels of incredible beauty.

Gaetano Perrone Italian made stilts are exotic pieces of art. Not just art, but actual wearable art.  You can see more shoes on the website from the current collection. Some of them may not be as fabulous as these, but still fab and more affordable. But if you were to buy the best pieces you probably rather put them in a glass display case in your living room than wear them out often. But if you have an event that you want to stand out in, these are perfect for that! Why wear simple shoes when you can wear ones that look exotic?

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