Hi, I'm a Fashion-LifeStyle Blogger/Promoter based in Toronto, Canada. My entries include that of Food, Beauty, Fashion, Film, Art and all things Fun! You can call it a life blog or a blog about me, but with more than just me in it. I try to add a personal touch to it while not getting too too personal as if it was just about me, it'd be all pretty boring.

Please feel free to send me any info about new products, launches, press releases and contact me regarding any business oppurtunities!

I've been doing a whole lot of beauty, skincare & makeup entries lately of products that I've purchase from drugstores and department stores. I'm currently looking for oppurtunites for more things to try out and write about. I'm looking forward to posting some shopping hauls and personal favourites as well.

I was just your average kind of gal until I accdientally stumbled upon the world of fashion and my life has change for the better ever since. Hope you will like this Too Hot For You Toronto Blog! It is real and very raw. I try not to hold myself back too much and not to over edit or restrain what I say. I just try to be myself rather than imposing an image of how I want to be seen or be superficial about it. I am human and I want to show my thoughts rather than being like a robot.

I have always had a passion of styling clothes by mixing and matching. Since my childhood I've had a good sense of fashion. But over the years I've learned more about film than fashion so I'm hoping one day that I can combine both passions together. I love watching documentaries so I envision doing something that has to do with fashion documentaries and also more artistic fashion short films. I think short films is more my thing than long films. Why say it in an hour when you can do it in 15 minutes?

I like to use the Thesaurus b/c I am very expressive and I have to find the best words to express myself although I have learned to go easier on myself over the years.



Greta Constantine

The show starts! Great show!

Some dresses plus the head pieces where for Parisians who do lunch or perhaps us Torontonian girls who want to dress up and go for High Tea at a hotel, but probably not Dim-Sum at a loud Chinese restaurant although Dim-Sum and Pu-erh could be a part of the High-Tea menu.

Hey I think that’s my sister’s favourite celeb Jeanne Beker sitting in the background (front row of course) in the first photo. I usually don’t notice who’s sitting where until I look back at my own photos when I do the editing. It’s a lot of chaos trying to get a nice spot to shoot your photos especially if you are still relatively a newby like me in the photo pit although not a newby to the fashion scene any more. Taking a break from the seats and entering the realm of trying to shoot better photos. Perhaps someday I’ll get really good at it and get a contract with some major publication, but I quite like to freelance and blog about it here on my own blog. I’m really getting the hang of it now. It just requires slightly more concentration to get that perfect photo.

I’m usually a lot more relaxed right after the show ends where I like to chat and enjoy a cocktail or two, but always not more than two or three or else I get drunk and get sleepy. Sometimes I try to show up earlier so that I have more time to relax and take a few background shots of the environment. I like to get a glimpse of all the preparation that goes into it and then decide the best angle/spot to shoot from during the show.

Some people only want to see the outfits, but I quite like to see everyone’s reaction and all the action happening all at once as well with the audience holding up their cell phones in their seats who are either tweeting or instragraming. We’re all making things happen at the same time.

The trend now is that the major designers are now reserving the invites to industry only and are stepping away from regular customers who only buy a dress or two compared to the buyers who buy stock for their boutiques. It actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it. As a designer you need to maximize everything and make the most out of where you spend your time, money and efforts. The biggest point is to get the word out basically. I know that from at least two years back you would get a personal invite to the show if you had ordered something directly from the designer.

I love meeting people from all walks of life and in this case, all aspects of the fashion industry, whether you are there because you are one of the model’s mom, sister, or boyfriend, a fellow blogger, the makeup artist, a stylist or even a caterer. But the caterers I find are not as talkative especially the girls. I guess maybe they just want to do their job and then go home and since they are on the job they are busy catering and aren’t really supposed to socialize too much I guess. I think that part might make me get fired if I were a waitress at an event and I socialized too much. I think I’d make a good waitress at a restaurant though. I think I’d get a lot of extra tips.

Sometimes I do feel very blessed to be able to attend major fashion shows and events. Other times I can appreciate just as much all the smaller and quieter events where it’s just me and maybe another blogger or two attending rather than seeing everyone there all at once there. Or even the most quiet times when I stay home, blog about all the events I attended and reminisce all good the moments or even the bad ones when someone snub you or something, then you appreciate all the good moments even more.