Hi, I'm a Fashion-LifeStyle Blogger/Promoter based in Toronto, Canada. My entries include that of Food, Beauty, Fashion, Film, Art and all things Fun! You can call it a life blog or a blog about me, but with more than just me in it. I try to add a personal touch to it while not getting too too personal as if it was just about me, it'd be all pretty boring.

Please feel free to send me any info about new products, launches, press releases and contact me regarding any business oppurtunities!

I've been doing a whole lot of beauty, skincare & makeup entries lately of products that I've purchase from drugstores and department stores. I'm currently looking for oppurtunites for more things to try out and write about. I'm looking forward to posting some shopping hauls and personal favourites as well.

I was just your average kind of gal until I accdientally stumbled upon the world of fashion and my life has change for the better ever since. Hope you will like this Too Hot For You Toronto Blog! It is real and very raw. I try not to hold myself back too much and not to over edit or restrain what I say. I just try to be myself rather than imposing an image of how I want to be seen or be superficial about it. I am human and I want to show my thoughts rather than being like a robot.

I have always had a passion of styling clothes by mixing and matching. Since my childhood I've had a good sense of fashion. But over the years I've learned more about film than fashion so I'm hoping one day that I can combine both passions together. I love watching documentaries so I envision doing something that has to do with fashion documentaries and also more artistic fashion short films. I think short films is more my thing than long films. Why say it in an hour when you can do it in 15 minutes?

I like to use the Thesaurus b/c I am very expressive and I have to find the best words to express myself although I have learned to go easier on myself over the years.



Essence Cosmetics was founded in 2001 and is part of the German parent company Cosnova Beauty. The brand is available in more than 55 countries, including Canada and the US. Now I can tell all my European friends about this brand and be able to shop the same stuff if I ever travel to Europe for let’s say Berlin/London/Paris Fashion Week and I forgot to bring something or if the luggage gets lost, but let’s hope that never happens.

Prices range between $1.49-$4.99 which is incredibly affordable despite such good quality.

You can even search for the closest locations near you where Essence Cosmetics are sold through their online search. I did a search and found Essence to be surrounding me at every corner near my home. You can even search for your friends/family who live in Europe, USA or anywhere else in Canada. Spread the love!

Shown above are the items that I was able to snatch up last night from the Essence Cosmetics Anniversary Launch. It felt like I was robbing a whole store when I was grabbing the stuff, but now that I separated them into sections I realize that I obviously exaggerated to myself . A few of the items were from the giftbag at the end but when I went home I just unloaded everything together so I don’t even remember exactly which were the ones in it. Surprising enough I don’t actually have doubles of anything.

Here’s some pricing info for the new products. Essence is available at Shopper’s Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores across Canada. Prices are before tax of course!

I will try to list all the items especially the new ones. Most of them are already my favourites. Some of items I’m listing are now new, but I should list them as well and not just the new ones. If they have 2 items that are basically the same but 1 is newer then I will only list the newer one such as their 2 thin liquid eye-liner pens shown in the picture above where 1 is just an older formula so I can leave it out and only list the new one.


NEW: 3D eye-shadow dou -$3.49 CAD.

NEW: Mono/single eyeshadow $2.49 CAD.

NEW: Nightclub glamour to go palette -each pallet contains 8 radiant shades and applicator. $4.49 CAD.

NEW: STAYS no matter what 24hr waterproof volume mascara -a creamy formula that gives each lash volume and stays on for up to 24jrs/

NEW: STAYS no matter what 24hr waterproof eyeliner pen. $3.29 CAD.

NEW: STAYS no matter what 24hr waterproof eyeliner pencil -this was the one that I forgot to get so I didn’t get a sharpener either but they also sell a sharpener which is good for this. $1.99 CAD.

NEW: Crazy volume mascara -deep black creamy texture covers each lash and the extra large brush provides sensational volume. Opthalmologically tested! $4.99 CAD. Say that word again! “Opthalmologically”! I counted and it has seven syllables, wow! It basically just means that it’s safe for you to use near the eye area and won’t cause you blindness.

Kajal pencil -Now in new violet/purple shade. Available in 8 different colours in total. $1.49 CAD.

Eyeshadow Quad - perfectly coordinated shades with a wide variety of effects.  - $3.99.

Gel Eyeliner in a jar - available in 3 colours.  - $3.99



NEW XXXL Shine Lipgloss -sheer & ultra-shiny colour.  $2.49 CAD.

NEW Kiss care love lipbalm -similar to the popular Baby Lips lipbalms and very soothing on the lips. $1.99 CAD.

Stay With me Longlasting Lipgloss - $2.99 - the full colour coverage of lipstick with the shine of gloss

Mini Lipgloss Set -with 3 cute and travel friendly mini lip-glosses, available in 2 different adorable sets which provide a magnetic enclosure: London and New York. -$3.99 CAD.

Lipliner -in 8 different shades. $1.49 CAD.



NEW Mattifying Compact Powder -apply on top of foundation/BB cream. $3.99 CAD. I plan to use it over my BB cream since I always use BB cream.

Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder - available in 2 shades.  $4.99 CAD.

Mosaic Compact Powder (shown) - a combination of 5 shades for a natural and fresh tan look, contains a tiny bit of sparkle as well. Perfect for the spring/summer or even autumn if you want to look like you just came back from an exotic Vacay!.  $4.49 CAD. 

Silky Touch Blush - $2.99 CAD

Coverstick -a solid concealer stick that scrolls just like a lipstick. easy to pop into your purse for a date not matter how tiny your purse/clutch is. $2.49 CAD

BB cream -might not be available in Canada yet, will have to check in store and get back to you on the pricing and details.


NEW: Colour & Go Quick Drying Nail Polish -Now in a newly redesigned packaging. Even quicker drying, brighter and longer lasting than the previous formula. Available in 44 cool new and ultra trendy shades.  I was told that these do not contain formaldehyde in them so they won’t make your nails turn yellow and ugly, but I’ll double check on that to make sure. $1.49 CAD.

NEW: Nude Glam -gives a gel-shine finish for super shiny nails worn alone and longer lasting nail colour when you use it as a top coat. I would even use it as a base-coat before applying colour and as a protective layer to prevent nail from getting stained by the colour. $1.99 CAD.

NEW: Gel-look top coat -this one is amazing and a necessity if you want to get a DIY gel manicure without having to use a UV light and you can apply it on top of basically any nail polish shade you already have without having to buy the special gel polishes and other tools involved which could add up to a small fortune. -at $2.49 CAD I basically need to stock up on 5 of these the next time I head to the mall.

NEW: Nail Art Stampy set -cute and fun DIY mini stamp kit that your daughter or kid sister will steal off you or I would steal it from my daughter if I had a daughter. The set contains a stencil with nine different images, a scraper and a stamp. Simply select an image, apply polish, scrap off excess and stamp on your nail. As simple as that. $3.99 CAD.

NEW: Nail art decoration kit -Create amazing 3D effects with rhinestones, glitter, flakes and foil in gold or silver. $3.49 CAD.

I didn’t get a few items such as the black gel liner or the black pencil liner, but I picked up two similar black liquid eyeliners. Please don’t tell me that they didn’t have a brown liquid eyeliner that I missed. I did however get a grey gel liner pod that I will do a swatch on soon and might even apply on my eyes to show you.

They had 3 different concealers, but I only took 2 which were both in stick form, 1 is liquid concealer while the other is a solid concealer stick in lipstick form. I then found out that the concealer I didn’t get was actually a new product and you can mix the two shades given in the dou.

I really should have got the regular hot pink nail polish to use as a base for the glitter one so I suppose I’ll just use it alone by itself and just have a sheer look, but with 1 of the 2 top coats. The gel top coat is so amazing that it looks an feels like you got a bio seaweed gel manicure when it dries. The texture of it feels just like gel nails and will make your manicure last longer also.

Their Nail Art items are so cool! I used to have similar stuff from other brands that I just gave away to friends since I was too busy to use them. But this time I’m totally going to keep these just for myself and actually take time to play around with them. I feel a connection with Essence. Is that even normal to say as a blogger?

The pink folder was included in the giftbag with a sheet with some info about the new products. Even the folder is pretty and cute like that.

The Justin Beiber banner was on display last night and I’m just posting it here since Essence is doing the make-up for his concert tour across North America and Europe including a stop in Toronto of course which I might attend on July 25-26, 2013 - Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada.

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