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I've been doing a whole lot of beauty, skincare & makeup entries lately of products that I've purchase from drugstores and department stores. I'm currently looking for oppurtunites for more things to try out and write about. I'm looking forward to posting some shopping hauls and personal favourites as well.

I was just your average kind of gal until I accdientally stumbled upon the world of fashion and my life has change for the better ever since. Hope you will like this Too Hot For You Toronto Blog! It is real and very raw. I try not to hold myself back too much and not to over edit or restrain what I say. I just try to be myself rather than imposing an image of how I want to be seen or be superficial about it. I am human and I want to show my thoughts rather than being like a robot.

I have always had a passion of styling clothes by mixing and matching. Since my childhood I've had a good sense of fashion. But over the years I've learned more about film than fashion so I'm hoping one day that I can combine both passions together. I love watching documentaries so I envision doing something that has to do with fashion documentaries and also more artistic fashion short films. I think short films is more my thing than long films. Why say it in an hour when you can do it in 15 minutes?

I like to use the Thesaurus b/c I am very expressive and I have to find the best words to express myself although I have learned to go easier on myself over the years.



I just did a DIY manicure to try out some Essence nail polishes because I’m still all excited and couldn’t wait any longer to play with them. I plan to do a swatch with at least one shade/colour on each of my ten fingers. However, this manicure looks so amazing that I do not want to take it off for a few days. Perhaps I should just swatch on my toe nails but I doubt you want to see my toes.

First I use the clear Nude Glam top coat polish which is meant to be a top coat, but I used it as a base coat instead to start off since I don’t think Essence has any base coats yet and I don’t have one even if they did. I always use clear top coat as base coat anyway as a protective layer from preventing staining by the nail polish colour. They work just fine for that.

Next I applied the solid nude polish shade 110 modern romance in only one layer from the “Colour & Go” line. The new formula of each shade is already super shiny so if you ever get lazy you could probably get away with just one layer of the perfect coverage colour without doing anything else. The new brush makes it even easier and quicker to apply smoothly as well.

Next up, I applied two layers of the sheer glitter polish in a similar nude shade 103 space queen for a maximum sparkle effect. I like how Essence has the same sparkly colour as a few of the solid colours. It just gives you more options of how you want to wear it and how you want it to look.

You can even use 02 iced strawberry cream from the “Nude Glam” line instead of the 110 modern romance to go underneath the glittery 103 space queen.

Lastly and what I call to be the most important step to seal the deal is applying the XXXL Shine Gel-Look top coat. After it dries you can feel that the texture of the overall nail is just like a gel nail manicure. You won’t see or feel any difference from UV or even Bio-seaweed gel. It makes your manicure last a lot longer than regular top coats. It may even last almost as long as the real deal of gel nails. If you want to make sure that it stays on as long as possible then you might even apply a second layer of this XXXL Gel-Look top coat. However, anything more than that may make it look too bulky especially if you’ve already applied multiple layers of each polish.

I will have to literally stock up on a few of these because I’m sure that other nail-polish addicts like me will do the same and I want to make sure that I never run out of this stuff because you just never know if an items will be continuously sold out or not in stores.

I took four photos of my new 100% DIY Essence manicure because I want to show you how gorgeous and sparkly it is under the light. You can clearly see the glitter and shine. However, I used flash and my camera isn’t absolutely the best out there, so you may not see the full effect of the glitter under the light, but you should already know how sparkly glitter can be especially after a clear coat of gel polish.

Each step is quick and easy. The polishes all dry on your nail so fast that it minimizes the risk of smudging, but you should still take precaution as usual. This is so easy to do that it may take even less effort than purposely getting dressed to go to the nail salon and you might even end up ditching the salon over Essence and becoming your own manicurist.

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