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Please feel free to send me any info about new products, launches, press releases and contact me regarding any business oppurtunities!

I've been doing a whole lot of beauty, skincare & makeup entries lately of products that I've purchase from drugstores and department stores. I'm currently looking for oppurtunites for more things to try out and write about. I'm looking forward to posting some shopping hauls and personal favourites as well.

I was just your average kind of gal until I accdientally stumbled upon the world of fashion and my life has change for the better ever since. Hope you will like this Too Hot For You Toronto Blog! It is real and very raw. I try not to hold myself back too much and not to over edit or restrain what I say. I just try to be myself rather than imposing an image of how I want to be seen or be superficial about it. I am human and I want to show my thoughts rather than being like a robot.

I have always had a passion of styling clothes by mixing and matching. Since my childhood I've had a good sense of fashion. But over the years I've learned more about film than fashion so I'm hoping one day that I can combine both passions together. I love watching documentaries so I envision doing something that has to do with fashion documentaries and also more artistic fashion short films. I think short films is more my thing than long films. Why say it in an hour when you can do it in 15 minutes?

I like to use the Thesaurus b/c I am very expressive and I have to find the best words to express myself although I have learned to go easier on myself over the years.



Essence Cosmetics Swatches.

I’ve been finding myself naturally trying to convert all my friends and random people I meet in public to Essence Makeup just b/c the stuff works so well and so inexpensive that I have to tell everybody about it and they didn’t even need to pay me.

Apparently you can join the Essence Fan Club called Beauty Friends which can be found on the last tab on the Essence Official website to chat about the products and  upload photos of your Essence Make-up Collection and your nail-art creations to share with other Essence Fans!

Looking on the bright side that I didn’t take more of the freebie items is that now I don’t have to swatch all of them. I’ll just work with whatever I have for now.

Eye Pencils

Long lasting eye pencil:

C’est la vie! -silver

Tu-tu tourquoise -light tourquoise blue


Kajal Pencil: requires sharpening

Scream green


Love me lavender -purple/violet

STAYS No Matter what waterproof eye pencil:

dark grey


Eyebrow Designer (brow pencil)

Blonde -light brown

I really should have got the dark brown but this should work fine for me. I don’t recommend the black for eyebrows unless your are going Goth or if your natural eyebrows are very very dark already.

The wooden Kajal pencils require sharpening, contain less pigment than the plastic pencils but they give a thinner line if you’re going to draw cat eyes. However, I do like the other plastic pencils more b/c I only need to apply once.

I like the fact that eye brow pencils can also be used as eye-liner so you can carry one less pencil in your purse for touch-ups  I really love the brush one the lid. I used to have one from another brand that I lost so now I’m glad to have this one so I don’t have to carry another separate brow brush in my purse.


Eye/eye-shadow primer. I’m including this here b/c it does give you coverage over your eyelids. You apply this before you apply your eyeshadow to make sure that it stays on longer.

Stay All Day 16hr liquid Concealer stick:

in Soft Beige

this is my favourite b/c it give you the most coverage. the only con is that you have to wait for it to dry but should dry pretty fast just like foundation. However this is not the correct shade for me. The Natural Beige is slightly darker which would be better for my skin tone especially when I get a tan.

Coverstick: solid stick concealer:

in True Nude

Hopefully this is the correct shade for me or else I won’t be able to use it or do a demonstration/tutorial with it either.

no need to dry but does not give as much coverage with just one layer so you may have to apply twice, but use with foundation should be OK  I would just use this one for touch-ups instead of the liquid concealer

Lip Glosses

I will do some lip-swatches to show you what these shades actually look like on the lips. But for now you can get a good idea on their colour on the hand swatches I did above. 

XXXL Shine Lipgloss:



The two XXXL Shine glosses I find to not have too much pigment which makes it look more natural on bare lips and I suppose that it’s good to apply on any lipstick. I think Essence does have lipsticks but I didn’t get any so I can show you any swatches for them.

Stay With Me Long-lasting Lipgloss:




Lip Pencils

Hot Chocolate

Honey Bun

Soft Berry

Comes in eight different shades in store. I can only show you these three shades for now as these are the only ones I found at the event unless I missed the others. I know that not everybody use lip liners in their regular make-up routine, however it is quite a vital step in creating those perfect full volume lips that look so great in photo-shoots. These three shades are neutral shades that match most of the Essence lipsticks and glosses.


All 3 are the newest ones I believe  Originally I only took two, but when I got my makeup touchup they gave me the one that they used on me which is black one and is also a good one that they have and is sort of a slightly older version of that pink one. I’m so glad they gave me this one or else I might have forgotten to pick one of these up. All together they had around ten or more different mascaras on the rack so choosing only three is not a lot.

All the mascaras are in black, even though the plastic containers may be different colours. I hope they will have dark brown formulas in the future.

I really wanted to show you the most important thing about them which are the brushes. The formulas should be somewhat similar, but it’s the brushes that do their trick.

NEW: I love extreme crazy volume mascara -pink packaging

NEW: STAYS no matter what 24h -neon yellow packaging

I love extreme volume mascara -black packaging -this one is good if you only need a little bit of volume and don’t want to go too crazy with it. If you want even more volume then you need the Crazy Volume one in the PINK p

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